Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #9

1.  It's crucial to tie technology to the objective in the curriculum.  The technology should steer the learning, not just be cutesy project after the learning takes place.
2.  Students need to be held accountable in stations and centers otherwise learning does not take place and it's unstructured "play" time. 
3. I love the idea of using wallwisher as a means of students creating sentences and jotting thoughts down about their sight words, or doing a write the room.  I can see myself using this as a station for literacy on a daily basis. Students will be held accountable because I can log on and see what they are writing on the wall, and it posts their name so I know exactly who wrote what and when.
4.  There are many good apps for iPad/iTouch and some of the ones I plan to use in centers are Concentration-attention which will help my student work on following directions.  Another one is  Pocket Phonics (abclite).  Students can do a snapshot of their work to show me or the kindergarten aid when they are finished. These stations would be limited to about 20 minutes and students could set the timer on the ipad/itouch to track their time.
5.  The ipad/itouch will be used to record students as they read, so they can hear themselves, as a listening station, and to create video clips.  I can use this to track growth with students where pencil and paper tasks are not applicable.  I see these devices being highly useful in working with children with special needs.

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