Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #10

1.  Three things that students need to make sure they understand even at the kindergarten level is that they should never share personal information with anyone that could be used in a harmful way (first and last name together, address, phone number, current location, etc.) Another thing is that in communicating with others whether Skype, email, text, etc. that they are respectful and that everything they put on the internet can be seen by anyone and it's there forever! Finally, we would discuss copyright and privacy laws. 
2.  Brainpop Jr. has a free internet safety lesson.  This resource teaches the children how to not give their identity out on the internet.  The children would watch the video and we would make a a classroom chart to hang about the information about what they learned in the video. This can be a daily reference.
3. Through the use of Brainpop jr., and discussions in the classroom, the children will learn about digital citizenship and their role as a learner.  They will pledge and commit to adhereing to the policies by signing the SBISD oath in the student handbook.
4. Vidoes and information about digital citizenship will be available on our class blog and this will be discussed at kindergarten orientation. Parents will be encouraged to discuss internet and digital safety with their children at home.

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