Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #8

I am thrilled to finally have a webcam in my room!  This feature on the new net books will be useful for Skype and making videos of students working and learning. We'll be able to skype authors, parents, friends, quickly and efficiently! I use it at home with relatives and this opens up a lot of opportunities.

The ipad, itouch will be something I use daily in literacy stations, and math stations. Students already have a lot of personal experience with these devices and now we can bring that into the classroom.  Being able to sync all the devices and download apps so they are readily availabe to students is something that will be a time saver especially in a classroom of small children. Also, discovering that I can create a webclip for easy access to web pages that I visit often.

We will take a lot of time setting boundaries for usage of the devices that include responsbility and safe use!

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